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If you’我曾经不小心撞倒了一瓶 nail polish while painting 您r nails then you’ll love this nifty little device. Okay the pros seem to have a good handle on it but juggling that little bottle while painting 您r nails on the couch can get tricky. But the struggle just got a whole lot easier thanks to this nifty little gadget that is set to revolutionise the way we paint our nails forever (and hopefully save our home furnishings along the way too).
特威西 是有机硅 “ring” that fits over 您r fingers and holds 您r nail polish bottle upright while 您 paint. Genius right? It has two adjustable finger holes so that if 适合所有人,也适合可以想象的每种形状和大小的瓶子。您甚至可以将其颠倒佩戴,然后赢得瓶子’t fall out!
Now before 您 go getting too excited, the 特威西 will set 您 back US $ 14.95加上国际运费。现在在这里’的踢腿。这些家伙不’t ship direct to New Zealand yet BUT if 您 really need one 您 can always get it sent via 网店 。一世’用过YouShop的时间,’s really easy and 避开不运送到新西兰的公司的最佳方法。
您可以购买 the 特威西 at  同时,请看下面的这个小宝石。